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Tom Gonzalez

My name is Tom Gonzalez, Owner of GZ Innovative Products LLC. and Inventor of the Gonzo Caulk Warming System. For many years I have seen Contractors that are working in the cold, leave their trucks running with the heat cranked for hours with the caulking tubes on the dashboard keeping them warm and ready for use. Gas is expensive, but you do what you must to get the job done. Knowing there must be a better way the Gonzo Caulk Warming System was born.



I've worked in the Construction Industry most of my life, in all phases of home improvements and remodeling. I have experienced over 25 years of some of the coldest Chicago weather! After years of dealing with the inconvenience of trying to Caulk in freezing weather I developed what would later become the Gonzo Caulk Warming System, what game changer!




Picture Taken at the 2017 INPEX Inventors Expo in Pittsburg, PA prior to manufacturing. Photo is showing Prototype Model.